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LiveGood – Who To Join In The LiveGood Business

Who to join in LiveGood? You should join LiveGood under an upline who is actively doing the business. It doesn’t matter whether they are a heavy-hitter, or someone who’s relatively new. As long as they are promoting the opportunity consistently and helping you, you are in good hands.

LiveGood Opportunity: Who To Join?

Are you someone who has been looking at the LiveGood business opportunity and have now decided to join, but wondering, “Who should you join with?”

You might think that the best upline to join under would be the people who have enrolled the most people in the company. If you were to check the LiveGood leaderboard, you can see the top leaders and their number of personal enrollments.

If you are thinking, “I’ll get a lot of spillover members from them if I join under them”, that might not be necessarily true. In fact, you could end up waiting a long time without getting any spillover.

All these “heavy-hitter” leaders already have hundreds and thousands of people in their teams. Their downline members might not be duplicating what they are doing, so if you’re somewhere on their tenth level, you’re many levels away from that leader who’s doing all the work.

There’s also another reason why it’s NOT a good idea to join under a top leader in LiveGood.

These top-recruiting leaders are usually very busy doing Zoom meetings, or other marketing activities to keep enrolling people. You might find it hard to get hold of them if you need help with the business.

For example, if you join under Tim Miller (the first Crown Diamond) or Jeff Aman (top on the leaderboard), you might not even hear back from them if you send an email or message, because your message will be buried under the thousands of messages that they receive every day from their team members.

The best upline to join under is someone who’s actively building the business and doesn’t have a very big team yet. This way you’re only one or two levels from this person. You can get hold of them easily when you need help.

Anyway, the right mindset is not to wait for spillover to happen. If you happen to get some spillover from the people above you, great.

If not, you should take action and become a spillover creator. When every member has this mindset, your business will duplicate and grow very fast.

LiveGood: Which Country To Join In The World?

LiveGood is the fastest growing business opportunity in the world today, so you might also be thinking, “Which country should I join with?”

Honestly, it doesn’t matter as long as you have an upline who’s actively promoting the business and helping you.

But if English is not your first language, a good idea is to join under a member who’s from your own country. This way, you’ll be able to ask questions and learn about the business in your own language.

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