LiveGood payment proof

LiveGood Income Proof: More Than $70K Monthly Earnings!

Take a good look at the LiveGood income proof in the image below.

Many people work extremely hard for 40 years at a job and don’t even reach that level of income.

Most don’t even get a farewell gift when they retire.

LiveGood income proof: Crown Diamond monthly earnings

What you see here is a screenshot of a Crown Diamond‘s recent monthly income (Crown Diamond is the highest rank in LiveGood).

No, there’s no monthly sales quota – because we’re NOT required to sell.

No, they don’t stock piles of products at home like there’s a war coming.

They are rewarded just for sharing and referring people to a $9.95 Wholesale Shopping membership.

The corporate team promotes the products to the members through regular Zoom updates and emails.

Even though they are Crown Diamonds now…

… they’re STILL paying $9.95 per month and enjoying discounted products – like the first day they started.

See that $24,552.28 Diamond Pool?

That’s 0.5% of the entire company’s profit shared between 2 persons (because there are only 2 Crown Diamonds now).

And they receive this bonus EVERY month.

Do you know any company that do this?

Even Amazon doesn’t offer this for their longest serving employees.

These guys have achieved this in 8 months or less (because LiveGood is only officially 8 months old as of this posting date).

So if you’re willing to work 8 hours a day for 40 years with a slim chance of earning anywhere near this…

Why not pay a one-time $40

Join a $9.95 membership to enjoy discounted products (up to 75% less than the stores you’re buying from now)…

Improve your health…

And potentially move up the ranks to Crown Diamond with an income like this?


  • NO selling
  • NO stockpiling products
  • Only sharing and letting the company do the rest
  • Only taking 1 or 2 hours per day outside your main job

Even if you’re super slow and it takes you 5 years to achieve this, don’t you think it’s worth it?

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Income Disclaimer

The income proof shown here is a real example of what’s possible when you work hard and don’t give up. It’s used only for motivation. Every person is unique and there’s no guarantee that you will achieve the same level of success.)