New Member Quick-Start

Step 1

Select your payment option in “My Earnings” on the left menu of your LiveGood back office. This is to make sure you get paid correctly.

Step 2

Add your email address to the team Business Tips email list here:

Your upline enroller may have done this for you. If so, it’ll say “You’re already subscribed.”

Step 3

Join these 2 Telegram groups (only for our team members):
– News and updates:
– LiveGood business tips:

Step 4

Subscribe to the official LiveGood Youtube channel:

Step 5

Join these Facebook groups for lots of post ideas and resources:

LiveGood Members:
LiveGood Testimonials:
A Wholesale Health Product Club:
LiveGood Family Affiliates and Free Tour Takers:
LiveGood Team Diamond:
Team LiveGood Marketing Material:

Step 6

Attend these weekly company Zoom meetings:

Thursday Cut-Off Zoom – 8pm EST:

Friday Rank Recognition and Training – 12:00 noon EST:

Monday Product Call with Dr. Ryan and Lisa Goodkin – 12:00 noon EST:

Wednesday – Network Marketing Training with Nauder – 12:00 noon EST:

Step 7

Get lots of resources for your business from Diamond leader Jesse Garcia’s “My LiveGood Hub”.

Step 8

Start sharing your affiliate links (in “My Websites” on the left menu of your LiveGood back office).